Vanessa Murakuma was an admiral in the TFN . She was a major combatant in ISW-4. She was married to Tadeoshi Murakuma. They had two children, Fujiko and Nobiki, who also joined the Navy- one serving in Alpha Centuri Skywatch, the other in the Survey Command Force that discovered the Star Union of Crucis. Unfortuanately three days after the birth of their second child, Tadeoshi died in a fighter accident. She joined the Navy before ISW-4. She then fell inlove with Marcus Leblanc . She commanded Fifth Fleet during the early days of ISW-4. She held off the Bug Juggernaut and then retook the Justin system. She was awarded the Golden Lion of Terra for her actions. She waited in the Justin system for five years to protect it before being transferred to command Sixth Fleet for various offensives. After the war, she went to settle down in the Fringe with Leblanc and she was put in a reserve commision.

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