After losing the Battle of Saint-Just, the Terran Federation presented 12 conditions for the Theban surrender.


  1. Thebes must disarm completely. All PDCs must be destroyed and no armed warships permitted.
  2. The TFN would maintain as many OWPs and Asteroidal forts within 10 light seconds of the Thebes warp point to satisfy its security determinations.
  3. The Terrans will retain control of Arawk Island and maintain one marine division on the island.
  4. No general occupation of Thebes. Human presence besides Arawk will be limited to peaceful inspection parties.
  5. All Theban citizens have a right to emigrate.
  6. Terrans are free to present their interpretation of the history of Terra through electronic media.
  7. The Theban government has full control of their own immigration.
  8. All Thebans will enjoy freedom of religion,so the Faith of Holy Terra will not be forcibly suppressed and Theban missionaries will be allowed to go to all federation worlds.
  9. The Thebans will be permitted no navy or armed ships but it will be allowed a merchant marine. All Theban ships leaving the Thebes system will be subject to inspections to ensure they are unarmed.
  10. The Terran Federation will gurantee the security of Thebes from external threats.
  11. The Theban government must go on the record and say it attacked the 10th destroyer squadron of the KON without provacation under the guise of parley.
  12. Theban personnel directly responsible for atrocities on federation planets will be held accountable by the federation.