The battle of was not just fought in alpha one, as the name suggest, but also in Home hive five . This was the first battle of ISW-4 and it began when Commodore Lloyd Braun led survey flotilla 27 to alpha one from Indra. They entered through a closed warp point into alpha one. Unbeknownst to them, they had actually transitted into Bug territory.The Bugs had no way of knowing about the closed warp point and were surprised when the first survey cruiser came through. The bug pickets stationed in Alpha one were cloaked so to Braun, alpha one was just another empty backwater system. They pressed on to the next system and sent the lone survey cruiser Argive through the warp point. On the other side, they found an industrial power house later to be known as home hive five. Meanwhile the bulk of the flotilla waited in alpha one. The bugs had been tracking them all along so they ambushed argive but let her live through the first salvo. Argive sent a courier drone through the warp point and called up the rest of the flotilla. The bugs were going to ambush the flotilla when it transitted but were out of position when they transitted. But Braun realized what the bugs were doing and barely got warning to the rest of the flotilla. The bugs got into extreme missile range and hurt the flotilla but they got away before the bugs got into effective missile range. Unfortuanately, it wasn't over because the bug pickets in Alpha one had moved to the warp point and attacked the survey cruisers as they transitted. They were taken care of but inflicted damage far out proportion for their size and numbers. In the end, the information got back and ISW 4 began.

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