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This wiki is designed to be a comprehensive encyclopedia of the military science fiction [1] created by David Weber and Steve White.


A partial fictional history of the Starfire universe can be enjoyed by reading these books in the following order.

A. The Stars at War, by David Weber and Steve White, printed August 2004, is an omnibus consisting of the following two novels :

1. Crusade, by David Weber and Steve White, copyright 1992. Nearly a century after the First Interstellar War, the fanatical Theban Church of Holy Terra now emerge to liberate the Holy mother home world of the apostate Terran Federation from their sinful alliance with the satanic Khanate of Orion.

2. In Death Ground, by David Weber and Steve White , copyright 1997. The Fourth Interstellar war begins when the Grand Alliance engages in mutual self defense against the horrific onslaught of the Arachnid Omnivoracity in their quest for more protein sources.

B. The Stars at War II, by David Weber and Steve White, printed July 2005, is an omnibus consisting of these two novels : The Shiva Option, and a revised and expanded version of Insurrection, copyright 2005.

3. The Shiva Option, by David Weber and Steve White, copyright 2002. Trapped behind enemy lines, Survey Flotilla 19 makes friendly diplomatic contact with a traumatized but powerful empire, The Star Union (of Crucis), who join the Grand Alliance with renewed determination to resume their fight against the Arachnid menace.

4. Insurrection, by David Weber and Steve White, copyright 1990. The Terran Republic fights for independence against the overbearing power and corporate control of the Terran Federation.

5. Exodus, Exodus - eARC, by Steve White and Shirley Meier, copyright 2006. Evacuating their civilization from their sun going nova to seek a new home world, the xenophobic Arduans have a cultural clash with the Grand Alliance, and both must fight for survival.

6. Extremis, Extremis - eARC,by Steve White and Charles E. Gannon, copyright 2011. Advance Reader Copy Unproofed, The fighting continues as the Arduans and the Grand Alliance learn more about each other, and try to reach across their challenging communications gap.

Charles E. Gannon is collaborating with Steve White on book 7 :

7. Imperative, Imperative - eARC, by Steve White & Charles E. Gannon, copyright 2016, Advance Reader Copy Unproofed, ? will be published by Baen (2016 March) ? Fantastic Fiction ? forthcoming ? forthcoming ? TBD 2015 ? ( cryptic tag line ) “Things are about to get messy—messier than they’ve ever been.”

Charles E. Gannon has a contract to write book 8 :

8.  ? Oblivion ? TBD


Additional historical details can be found in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd editions of Starfire games, gaming supplements, and related publications.

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