TFS Queensland was a warship of the Terran Federation Navy, one of their first heavy cruisers and the lead ship of her class.

Completed in early 2207, the Queensland was thrown into battle almost immediately, sent to join Vice Admiral Howard Anderson's Task Force 14 in the Parzh campaign along with her sister ship the Fuchien. Anderson chose the Queensland as his flagship for the remainder of the campaign and she saw action in the First and Second Battles of Gruzakor, the Battle of Parzh and the Second Battle of Malkhor. After Anderson''s recall, his replacement, Vice Admiral Horatio Spurance, kept her as the flagship.

The Queensland-class were replaced for frontline purposes by the Argentina-class and later Oregon-class for the second half of the First Interstellar War. They remained in service however and Anderson, now a Fleet Admiral and Chief of Naval Operations, chose his old flagship as his transport in late 2211 as the TFN and KON moved into the last year of the war.

On one occasion the Queensland narrowly escaped an ambush of eight Orion heavy cruisers hunting Anderson and had to flee through a warp-point.