The Battle of Zapata was the final battle of the Terran Civil War. The Terran Republic was seeking a decisive battle to destroy the Rim Federation battleline to stop Operation Reunion. First, they left 24 decoy fortresses. These were actually unmanned satelites with ECM. Ian Trevayne wasted most of his SBMHAWKs on the decoys. He proceded through with his immense force. His screen proceded the battleline by 15 minutes. The screen massed a dozen battle cruisers and 15 heavy cruisers along with many escort destroyers. The battleline itself consisted of 10 Supermonitors, 10 Monitors, 8 superdreadnaughts, and 12 battleships, supported by 6 fleet carriers and 3 light carriers. They procede across the system. Soon the screen was ambushed by several battleships. A group of battlcruisers moved to attack them from behind. The 2 combined forces would have destroyed the screen but the battleline fired it's external ordnance.The battlecruisers were actually light cruisers using ECM to look like battlecruisers. The Rims battleline was mousetraped into firing away all of it's external ordnance. Then the Terran Republic hit him from all sides with many forces. In the end, Ian Trevayne was incapacitated, and there was a truce proposed. In the end, this led to the ending of the Terran Civil War.