TFNS Argive is a Hun class survey cruiser that was attached to survey flotilla 27. It was one of the five surveying with it. The Argive was the flagship. Its captain is Commander Ursula Elswick. Like most survey cruisers, it is lightly armed and defended for a vessel of its size. At 40,000 tonnes, it is the size a many heavy cruisers , but is classified as a light cruiser because of its light armor and weaponry. It has a crew of 300 highly trained survey specialists.During a routine survey mission to The Romulus cluster, Argive was sent ahead of the rest of the flotilla because of it being the flagship. It was supposed to scout ahead of the rest of the flotilla from the Indra system. This led to The battle of alpha one. Argive made contact with the Arachnids. They attacked and eventually destroyed the Argive and hurt the rest of the flotilla. Luckily all of the information that Argive amassed got back to the humans and ISW-4 began.

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